Extra Large Print Word Search Volume 1

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Over 39,800 sold!

Our popular line of word search books has sold thousands and there is a reason why...

Finally, a large font word find puzzle book for those with the poorest of vision!

These large print word search books are super-sized to be the largest font size you can have in an 8 x 11.5 inch book.

Exceeds the standards set by the American Council of the Blind!

Font sizes of 18 to 20 points are the standard in order for a book to be called large print and our books easily exceed those requirements.

I spent many hours of testing different formats to make our books the perfect blend of being easy to read while still being challenging and from the positive reviews from our customers I think we succeeded.

The reviews are in...

Take a moment to read our reviews and you will see many from folks that have purchased our books for loved ones that had debilitating vision problems.

Here is one from Volume 6 in this series that really touched my heart...

"My senior citizen Mom loves these word search books. I just ordered Volumes 10, 11 and 12 for her. The extra large print is a huge plus! Mike Edwards, please continue to publish more volumes! Thank you from me and most importantly from my MOM!"

5 star review after 5 star review proves our books are the BEST for anyone that loves circle the word puzzles but has given up because of not being able to find a word search book with a large enough font.

In fact, most of our customers buy our books for a loved one as a gift and judging by the reviews they are a big hit!

It all started with my Mom...

The print in the store-bought large print word search books just wasn't large enough for her failing eyes so I designed a series of "Extra Large" books for her and she was thrilled when we gave her the first one.

Sadly, Mom is no longer with us but with each book sold I know we are doing our little part in making someone's life just a little better by giving them a fun way to keep their brain active.

All the books in this fun series feature the same easy-to-read layout:
  • There are 50 extra-large puzzles each having 20 words.
  • The left page contains the super-sized word clues in two columns and is the largest font possible for an 8.5 x 11 book!
  • The right page features the large puzzle which also fills the entire page.
  • No more squinting or straining your eyes.
  • No more magnifying glasses!
The answers to the puzzles are all also published in an extra-large font and are also full-page and conveniently placed in the back of the book and numbered to match the actual puzzles; Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, etc.

I am confident that even those with the poorest eyesight will be able to work these extra-large print word search puzzles. Just do a "Look Inside" to see how large the clues and puzzles are and then order some for yourself or a loved one today!

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